Our Story

Meet the Owner and Staff of The Pacific Outpost cannabis store in Pasco, WA serving customers throughout the TriCities.

Our Story

Meet the Owner and Staff of The Pacific Outpost cannabis store in Pasco, WA

Meet the Owner

As my brother Pat and I got involved in managing our father’s stake in a local marijuana farm, I found myself intrigued by the industry. It was a departure from my previous career in grantwriting, but it was something I wanted to delve into deeper. The nuances of different strains, the artistry of growing, and the relief cannabis offers for many different ailments are fascinating to me.

Wanting more meaningful interactions, I made the decision to pivot from marijuana cultivation to retail. I wanted to be on the front lines, engaging directly with consumers and immersing myself in their stories. Thus, I embarked on the journey of establishing my own cannabis retail store.

Opening the doors to the Pacific Outpost store in Pasco feels like stepping into a realm where every encounter is an opportunity to learn and empathize. From seasoned connoisseurs to curious newcomers, each person who walks through the door brings with them a unique story of pain alleviated, anxiety quelled, or simply a newfound sense of joy.

Beyond the therapeutic benefits, what truly enriched my journey were the connections forged along the way. Every conversation, every shared moment of understanding, reminds me of the intrinsic humanity that underpins the cannabis industry. It isn’t just about selling a product; it is about fostering a community—a community bound together by shared experiences, mutual respect, and a profound appreciation for the healing properties of cannabis.

As I look back on my evolution from grant writer to cannabis retailer, I can’t help but marvel at the transformation that has taken place. What began as a mere business venture has blossomed into a deeply personal exploration—one defined not by profit margins or market trends, but by the people whose lives I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

In the end, it’s the human element that infuses this industry with its true richness and meaning. And for that, I am grateful.

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